Avast is a well-known antivirus program for PCs. It offers a variety of protection against ransomware, Trojans, spyware, bots and spyware and also comes with a range of useful tools such as a password manager and VPN. This internet program includes an option to lock your device which aids in locating lost devices and safeguards your data from being accessed by unauthorized users. It employs a behavioral heuristic analyzer to identify new threats and perform an entire system scan with only one click.

However, the program’s malware protection isn’t perfect and it takes time to complete the system scans. This makes it not ideal for busy users. The program’s heuristic analysis isn’t as advanced as premium software and can result in false positives. Sandboxing technology isn’t like other alternatives however it performs well enough to keep the majority of malware from your computer.

Despite these issues, it still provides good protection for Wi-Fi, file and ransomware security. You can customize settings and add additional exceptions to scanning rules. The Scan Central and Online Security extensions of the app make it easy to manage and find all your protection features.

Upgrade to the paid plan of Avast and you’ll get lots of additional features. They include the heuristic scanning feature that runs your files in an isolated environment to identify more sophisticated malware. It also comes with an adviser to privacy that can help you adjust your account settings for Facebook, Reddit and Twitter to protect your privacy. Additionally, you’ll get a PC speed-up, a secure Web browser, and a password management.