best apps for tracking receipts

Abukai is a surprisingly simple app that has one main
purpose, and that is to manage all your expenses without much effort. The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you
lose your phone, you’ll always have access to your important travel records via
the web. Maybe you have already stretched your grocery budget to buy groceries at the lowest price.

We also calculated how many of those reviews were higher at least 3.5 stars or higher out of 5. Pricing starts at $17 a month for the Lite plan, which includes five billable clients and unlimited expense tracking. The Plus plan at $30 per month increases that to 50 clients while the Premium plan at $55 per month and Select plan, which has custom pricing, offer unlimited billable clients. The Lite, Plus and Premium plans are available at 60% off for the first six months during the current promotion. Additionally, users can email receipts to the app or upload them directly to the website. Overall, ABUKAI Expenses is a flexible and convenient tool for managing and organizing business expenses.

Which receipt-tracking apps do small business owners prefer?

Still, business owners who generate reams of receipts can use it to get — and stay — organized. Every receipt you enter — and all its data — will be entered into your FreshBooks account. Make a change on your laptop, for instance, and you’ll see the update the next time you log in on your phone. The major drawback is that the free plan requires you to buy OCR scans if you don’t want to manually input values. You only receive two free OCR scans, and must purchase the rest inside the app.

A receipt scanner app is a smartphone application that enables your staff to capture receipts using their cell phones. To save paperwork, businesses have begun using receipt scanners for business costs coupled with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. The iPhone is an awesome way to keep your receipts safe and manage expenses well. Few people realize that the iPhone, with its camera and a few good receipt tracking apps, can be an amazing way to track your receipts.

Data Used to Track You

With the mobile app, you can organize the data as you see fit, and the built-in tools make it easy to track expenses. If you’re big on expense management, rely on corporate cards, and need fast employee reimbursement options, the best receipt app for you is probably Zoho Expense or Expensify. On the other hand, if you need help scanning a box of old receipts and other paper documents, Shoeboxed could be a better fit. For starters, while most free expense-tracking plans limit you to only one user, Zoho’s free receipt app lets you add up to three users on the same account. If you and your business partners track expenses collectively (and if you have just 20 expenses a month), Zoho Expense is easily the most affordable pick.

best apps for tracking receipts

It is important to carefully review the security measures of any receipt scanner app before using it and to use strong passwords and other security best practices to protect your data. Users can then make any necessary edits, assign the receipt to an account or match it to an existing transaction within the app. This streamlines the process of organizing and tracking financial records, saving users time and effort.

How do I scan and save receipts?

One drawback of the app is how long it takes to extract information from images after they’ve been captured. These scans can sometimes take a few hours, which detracts from the convenience factor of doing the text-recognition scan in the first place. The company says that this is because it prioritizes accuracy over speed—but other apps can scan accurately and take much less time. A receipt is an official document proving a business transaction or purchase has occurred. Receipts are provided for business transactions, such as sales transactions, etc.

Then sends immediate payment to your PayPal account regardless of your account balance. is one of the leading online digital coupon apps. As a loyalty bonus, you earn more points by scanning your purchases every week. Your earnings increase the longer you remain an active member. And you can also earn bonus points for completing paid online surveys.

If you work remotely or regularly have meetings in different parts of the world, you know post-trip expense tracking is a nightmare. Using Expensify means you can stop stuffing receipts into your luggage while you’re on the go. Snap pictures of your paper receipts with your mobile device, submit and be done with them. We also wanted to get the opinions of real users of the expense tracker apps. We considered the number of reviews from the App Store, G2 and Capterra, looking for positive reviews that numbered at least 200.

But its AI-powered OCR tools, which support handwriting and multiple languages, make it well worth trying out. Turn your receipts into data and deductibles with our expense reports that include best apps for tracking receipts IRS-accepted receipt images. But you can’t do any of these things, because you keep all of your business records in a messy desk drawer, and you’ve lost the receipts for all of them.

ABUKAI Expenses

I liked it and was going to buy it but saw you could only buy a subscription at $11/year. If the developer could make the pics clearer it would be good. The camera on my iPhone does take very clear pictures so it was the app that did not focus on the receipts enough to produce clear pics. Still, AndroMoney earns a high user rating, though developer responses to suggestions and complaints seem lacking. These are the most popular apps on the iOS and Android platforms, but you’ll likely need to test-drive a few before you find one you’re comfortable with. While our list focuses on free apps, for the most part, you’ll probably have to upgrade at a small cost to get all the features you want.